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Technical support for the 1099Fire™ software is provided at no extra charge for the tax year that the software was purchased. We have a friendly and courteous staff that can resolve almost any technical support issue that might arise.

We can provide services beyond supporting our software including turn-key solutions for your business.

Should you need technical assistance beyond the scope of our normal support, please contact us and we can provide pricing.

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The subfolder has a list of sales, software, 1099 forms and e-filing questions with answers.  You can post a question anytime and we will answer it soon.

Common questions with answers are posted below.

The setup files are corrupted.
What does "Not a Valid Win 32 application" mean?
What does "Publisher could not be verified" mean?
"The requested operation requires elevation" (VISTA)
Transfer License

How do I register the software?
How does this software work?
What is live update?
I can't see the whole screen. How can I change the screen resolution?

Importing Data

How can I import data into this software?
How can I make Excel automatically encapsulate a field with quotes?
How can I alphabetize or sort the data?

How can I convert a 1099 form to PDF?

How can I align the data when printing on top of Copy A?
Can I print Copy A? What is the difference between Copy A and Copy B, C?
It print's black where it should print white and vice versa.
The software prints extremely slow.

Saving and Retrieving Data
Reducing redundant typing.
How can I save and retrieve data?

Time Extension Options
How can I file for an extension of time?