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Coverdell ESA Contribution Information

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Let our trained staff import your data from excel, print and mail, and electronically file on your behalf. We can help eliminate the stress of filing information returns by providing complete, secure outsourcing solutions for IRS Forms 1042-S, 1095, 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, 8027, 8966, 8955-SSA and W-2G. Competitive pricing. Please call our sales office at (480) 460-9311 and they can provide an estimate of the cost. Stay compliant, reduce administrative costs and know that the job will get done right.

Form 5498-ESA reports your Coverdell ESA contributions and rollovers for the prior year. Usually you are not required to attach this form to your income tax return. Coverdells allow you to roll money from one account to another account or beneficiary in the same family without any income tax implications.

Starting in tax year 2016, Form 5498-ESA is now a free fillable PDF form that you can download here

5498-ESA : Coverdell ESA Contribution Information

Form 5498-ESA is no longer a red-ink form.

If you have 250 or more 5498-ESA forms to transmit, then you must electronically file. Our 5498-ESA service bureau can import, print and electronically file Form 5498-ESA on your behalf. Just contact sales at (480) 460-9311 and they can let you know the cost.

Due Dates...
Furnish Copy B to the beneficiary (participant) by the end of April. Copy A must be paper filed or electronically filed by the end of May.

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