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BULK TIN Matching

TIN matching allows a payer to submit a TIN/Name combination to be matched against IRS records. You can accomplish this interactively and receive an instant response for up to 25 TIN/Name combinations at a time or with Bulk TIN Matching, you can submit an electronic file of as many as 100,000 TIN/Name combinations and receive matching results by email within 24 hours. Both programs will:

 Match the payee with W-9 name and TIN with IRS records;
 Decrease backup withholding and penalty notices;
 Reduce the error rate in TIN validation.

1099FIRE Bulk TIN Matching Feature will save you time and money! According to the IRS, there are approximately two million payees that have incorrect or missing TINs. The IRS sent 50,000-65,000 proposed penalty notices last year. The IRS penalty is $50.00 per mismatch!! Avoid IRS penalties by processing your Bulk TIN Matching with our Service Bureau. Pricing is $69.95 per Bulk TIN upload file, for up to 100,000 TIN/Name combinations or four (4) submissions at $249.

How are we different?
Many companies offer TIN matching services. One distinction with our TIN matching service is that you have four (4) opportunities to re-submit your data throughout the calendar year. You can submit your data and get the results back within 0-2 days. Research those TIN/name combinations that did not match up and resubmit for a total of 4-submissions. This gives you an opportunity to clean up your TIN/name combinations.

Order TIN Matching Service
You can order the TIN matching solution here:

TIN Matching for up to 100,000 TIN/Name combinations and up to
four (4) submissions

The cost is nonrefundable. Please call (480) 460-9311 for pricing if you have over 100,000 records. Payers, or their authorized agents, may only perform TIN Matching for the TIN/Name combinations for income subject to backup withholding and reported on Forms 1099-B, DIV, INT, MISC, OID and/or PATR.

Matching Indicator
Within 24 hours, 1099FIRE Service Bureau will process your data and transmit to you via our secure server a notepad file. The IRS displays one of the following "Match Indicator" codes next to the TIN and name combination:

0 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS records.
1 = TIN was missing or TIN not 9-digit numeric .
2 = TIN entered is not currently issued.
3 = TIN and Name combination does not match IRS records.
4 = Invalid TIN Matching request (i.e., contains alphas, special characters)
5 = Duplicate TIN Matching request.
6 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS SSN records.
7 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS EIN records.
8 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS SSN and EIN records.

Using the TIN Matching system allows you to verify the accuracy of taxpayer TIN and name information prior to submitting information to IRS. Internal Revenue Code 6724 provides any penalties under Section 6721 may be waived if the filer shows the failure to file a correct TIN on an information return was due to reasonable cause and not willful neglect. Filers may prove due diligence and receive a waiver from proposed penalties if they prove the TIN and name combination they submitted matched IRS records. Providing a copy of the Print Screen of your Interactive Results will be considered proof of due diligence.

Are you TIN match ready?
The data that you submit to the IRS for Bulk TIN Matching is in a notepad file and is formatted as follows:


A sample is below:

2;398415424;Erich J Ruth;
1;321031231;Ruth Technology Incorporated;
and just keep listing the data up to 100,000 records per file. A 2 represents SSN and a 1 represents EIN for the TIN TYPE.

A valid name consists of A-Z, a-z, &, space and hyphen. Which means that . (period) and , (comma) and : (colon) and ' (apostrophe) and !@#$%^*()+=<>"/\[]{} are not allowed. One very common error is having any of these illegal characters in the NAME. Another common error is submitting a TIN that is less than or more than 9 digits in length (the TIN must be exactly 9 digits).

The software TIN Match Ready can be downloaded here. Its a free program that anyone can download and use. The software performs several checks, namely:

- Verifies that the TYPE is either a 1 or 2 or 3.
- Verifies that the TIN is the correct length and is just digits (no dashes or spaces or any letters).
- Verifies that the NAME consists of A-Z, a-z, space and hyphen only. Any illegal characters are removed.
- Verifies that the TYPE is followed by a semicolon, that the TIN is followed by a semicolon and that each NAME is followed by a semicolon.
- Remove duplicate TINs from the file. You can only submit one TIN per file.  If you submit a file with duplicate TIN's, then you will receive this error:


TIN Matching Functionality will be suspended for the next 96 hours due to a security violation.

 Specifically, you have exceeded the limit for submission of duplicate TIN Matching Requests.


And then your account is suspended for 4 days.

Two files are created when using TIN Match Ready software. They are:

1. 'Potential Errors.txt' - This is a list of all the errors that were found.
2. 'Ready for TIN Match.txt' - This is the corrected file that the software created.

Both of these files are created in the same directory folder that the original file was found.

The data must be perfectly formatted before uploading via Bulk TIN Matching. Especially when working with large data files, this software will save you time in finding and correcting any potential errors before uploading.

W-9 Solication Services
We can print and mail an official W-9 to vendors or contractors to request correct Taxpayer Identification Numbers.  Call sales for more information.

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