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ACA Reporting Outsourcing Solutions

IRS Forms 1095-B, 1095-C

ACA Software 1095 Our 1095 Service Bureau Service can import, convert to PDF, print and mail, and electronically file IRS Forms 1095-B and/or 1095-C (and their respective transmittal summaries 1094-B and 1094-C) on your behalf. We work quickly, validate the XML file structure before efiling, and have competitive pricing.

All outsourcing options start at a base cost of $999 which you can order here:

1095 Outsourcing Flat Rate Fee

Outsourcing is a flat rate fee based on a per EIN filing. The base service cost is $999 for the first EIN and $599 for each additional EINs. Please call our office at (480) 706-6474 if you wish to add EIN’s.


All e-filing is done using our company’s transmitter control code or TCC number. This eliminates the hassle of obtaining an account with the IRS.

The process begins when you securely upload your data to us using the below link:

Select the outsourcing option that fits you best:

Outsource Option #1 : FULL SERVICE - Mailing fees apply

We import, convert to PDF and forward you a passcode protected copy of the 1095 forms for you to review.

The PDF will be set to handle duplex printing and the SSNs will be masked. An image of a sample Form 1095-B is to the left while the right image shows the instructions and mailing addresses which would be printed on the back:

                  ACA Software 1095-B Page 2          ACA Software 1095-B Page 1

Once you approve the PDF, we print on plain paper with black ink, tri-fold, stuff so that the mailing addresses line up perfectly in a 2-window envelope, pressure seal and then mail. Our envelopes have the text Important Tax Document Enclosed stamped on the outside of the envelope. We validate the 1095/1094 XML files and electronically file the forms to the IRS and forward the results when they arrive.

Mailing costs range from $1.19 - $1.59 which includes postage and depends on the number of employees. Please call our office at (480) 706-6474 for specific pricing.

Outsource Option #2 : E-FILE ONLY PLUS - $199 additional cost for PDF copy

We import, convert to PDF and forward you a passcode protected PDF of the 1095 forms for you to review. Once you approve the PDF, we validate and transmit your XML files to the IRS and forward the results when they arrive.

Any conversions or additional PDF’s are subject to additional charges. This option is most economical for employers who with the PDF can print the forms themselves and distribute the 1095’s to their employees with no need for mailing services.

Outsource Option #3 : E-FILE ONLY - No Additional Cost

We create the manifest and data XML files for electronic filing, validate the XML files against the current business schema provided by the IRS, transmit to the IRS and forward you the results when they arrive.

This option is typically best suited for companies that have other means of receiving a PDF and mailing (for example your payroll system will provide you with the PDF and the data, but they do not offer a means for e-filing).

Please call our sales office if you have questions. Sales can be reached at (480) 460-9311. Our staff will be happy to review your specific situation and provide you the best option for compliance.

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1095 software to import, print and efile new IRS Form 1095-B, 1095-C which are the new Affordable Care Act Forms. 5
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