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1095-B, 1095-C AATS Test Scenarios, Communication Test

Transmitters and Issuers are required to complete one (1) communication test prior to transmiting 1095-B or 1095-C production data. All of our test scenarios came back as Accepted for tax year 2016/2017. The steps to performing a communication test are shown below. For AATS testing, signature, title and date can be left blank, as there is no requirement for these elements within TY2016.

  1. Download, install and run the latest version of the 1095 software. Or click on Check for Live Update in the software to get the latest version. You can download the software from this link https://www.1099fire.com/try_now.htm

  2. Download one of the following test scenario excel files

  3. HideTestOne, Test Scenario 1 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-B Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 1-0 1094-B, 1-1 1095-B, 1-2 1095-B)

    This is the easiest of all files and represents 1095-B data. Hanna Martin and Dolly Martinez are two responsible individuals who are provided health coverage from HideTestOne.

    WorkShopTwo, Test Scenario 2 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-B Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 2-0 1094-B, 2-1 1095-B)

    WorkShopTwo is an issuer who reports health coverage for one responsible idnividual. The health coverage was purchased through the SHOP program.

    SeliTestThree, Test Scenario 3 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-C Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 3-0 1094-C, 3-1 1095-C)

    Selitestthree is an ALE reporting health coverage for Teresa Southern, one of their employees. The employer does not provide employer self-insured coverage.

    GammTestFour, Test Scenario 4 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-C Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 4-0 1094-C, 4-1 1095-C, 4-2 1095-C)

    Gammtestfour County is an ALE and Designated Government Entity and is reporting health coverage information for two of their employees. Gammtestfour does not offer employer self-insured coverage.

    DarrTestFive, Test Scenario 5 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-C Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 5-0 1094-C, 5-1 1095-C, 5-2 1095-C)

    DarrTestFive is an ALE reporting employer provided self-insured health coverage for two employees.

    ParkTestSix, Test Scenario 6 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-B Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 6-0 1094-B, 6-1 1095-B)

    Parktestsix Medicaid is the issuer reporting Medicaid coverage information for one responsible individual.

    CarrTestSeven, Test Scenario 7 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-C Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 7-0 1094-C, 7-1 1095-C)

    CarrTestSeven is the ALE reporting health coverage information for one employee. This ALE does not offer Employer Self Insured Coverage.

    PattTestEight, Test Scenario 8 (Tax Year 2016, 1095-B Data)
    Excel Import File, Answer Key ( 8-0 1094-B, 8-1 1095-B)

    PattTestEight Medicare is the issuer reporting Medicare coverage information for one responsible individual.

  4. Import

  5. You can drag-and-drop one of the sample excel files into the 1095-B or 1095-C table to import. Try it! Or select Import and a box will pop up. Select Browse at the top of page and find either a 1095-B sample excel file or a 1095-C sample excel file. Hit Test to make sure the data lines up with the form. Hit Import.

  6. Click Forward to go to the 1094 screen. For these sample excel files, the 1094-B and/or 1094-C data imported as well. You don't need to click the Gather button but you can if you want to.

  7. Create the Manifest and Data Files

  8. Click Electronically File 1094/1095 at top of page and a new box will appear. Some of the data will automatically pull over and some of it you have to fill out. For Test Scenario 1, our screen looks like the following:

    Download 1099 software

    Make sure you do the following:

    a. Select 2016 as the Payment Year.
    b. Are you e-filing a prior year? Select No from the drop-down list. January 1, 2017 begins the 2017 calendar year AND the 2016 tax year. Tax year 2016 is the current tax year for all of calendar year 2017.
    c. Enter your IRS Transmitter Control Code or TCC number.
    d. Transmission Type is Original.
    e. Is this a test file? Select Yes and the respective scenario you are preparing.
    f. The company name and contact name and phone should transfer automatically. Enter your Transmitter EIN and Transmitter Business Name. For the business name, do not use a comma or period or ampersand.

    Then generate the Form Data File and then the Manifest File.

  9. Select AIR UI Channel Login button. This will open an Internet browser to the IRS portal. Enter your Username and Password and select Login. Select your Organization name. Select AATS 2017. Select Upload ACA Forms. Browse to upload the manifest file and then browse to upload the data file. Both files are on the C: drive, FIRE folder, XML subfolder. Once you transmit, you will receive a receipt ID that looks like

    RECEIPT ID: AATS1095B-15-0000XXXX

  10. Check Transmission Status

  11. Hit the back button twice on your browser and this time, instead of hitting Upload ACA Forms, click on Check Transmission Status and enter your TCC number and the Receipt ID you just received. You should achieve

    Status: Accepted

    If you do, great! You have one last step. Call IRS Technical Services at 866-937-4130 x1 x3 and provide your TCC number and that Receipt ID. The IRS will move your account from Test to Production.

    If you don't efile successfully, try emailing us at support@1099fire.com and we can help or try calling Dan at (480) 460-9311 and he can guide you through the communication test.