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US Military State Abbreviations
US Military "State Abbreviations" are as follows:
  AA Armed Forces Americas (except Canada)
  AE Armed Forces Africa
  AE Armed Forces Canada
  AE Armed Forces Europe
  AE Armed Forces Middle East
  AP Armed Forces Pacific

AE is the designation for ZIP Codes beginning with 090-098, AA for ZIP 340, and AP for ZIP Codes 962-966.

When reporting APO/FPO addresses use the following format:
Recipient Payee Name PVT Willard J. Doe
Recipient Mailing Address Company F, PSC Box 100 167 Infantry REGT
Recipient Payee City APO (or FPO)
Recipient Payee State AE, AA, or AP*
Recipient Payee ZIP Code 098010100
*AE is the designation for ZIP codes beginning with 090-098, AA for ZIP code 340, and AP for ZIP codes 962-966.

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