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Secure Transfer of Data to the IRS

Many customers rightly have a concern as to whether their data will be secure when filing electronically with the IRS using our software. Social security numbers are confidential and you should be very careful about sharing social security numbers.

When you use our software, you e-file directly to the IRS without ever sending the data to our service bureau. The software will create a notepad file that follows the specifications provided by the IRS. You have two options:


1. Manually log into the IRS FIRE System by going to the site and following a few steps.  Instructions with screen shots for manually efiling are here. You can also call or e-mail support anytime and we can walk you through the efiling process.  Its easy to do.  Or...


2. Click the transmit button in the 1099 software and the software will login for you and upload your file using your login information and passcode.


Either way, the data you transmit to the IRS is sent directly from your computer to the IRS.

Review files


Other vendors of 1099 software have the data sent from your individual computer to their service bureau. The service bureau typically reviews the data before transmitting to the IRS (and charge you per record that you efile through them).

Our 1099 software has a review feature built into the software and will double check your file and let you know if there are any potential errors. The review button is a great feature; we upload 100's of files through the IRS FIRE Testing System every year. Many of those files that we submit have known errors in the file. We build in the same error warnings and codes that the IRS provides into our software. If our 1099 software reviews the file and comes back with '0 potential errors' at the end of the review, then the file is ready to efile and rarely comes back as BAD.


If an error does arise, you can always call or email us the error and we can let you know the solution.