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It's very important that any and all data that we send and receive from you, our clients, is absolutely secure and encrypted. It's also important that the transmittal of files be easy to do and handle any size data file.

We have an account with a website called ShareFile. With ShareFile, we have a custom-branded, password-protected area with 128-bit encryption where we can exchange business files with clients easily, securely, and professionally. Our login area is https://1099fire.sharefile.com and its very easy for you, an interested client, to send and receive files.

How can I send a file to 1099FIRE?

The easiest way is to contact technical support and we will e-mail you a link requesting the file. Technical support e-mail address is support@1099fire.com and our phone number is (608) 444-6575. You will receive an email that looks like the following:
ShareFile Request File

It's a unique, secure link. Click that link and it will take you to a webpage that looks like the following:

ShareFile Request File

To upload, click the 'Choose Files...' button and select files from the dialog windows that pops up. To upload multiple files at once, hold down the Shift or Control key while selecting files.  Then click 'Upload Files' and your data will be encrypted and stored in ShareFile.

When a file is uploaded, we receive e-mail notification and will follow up.

If you are interested in sending and receiving a sample file, just call technical support at (608) 444-6575 and we can get started.

How do I receive a file from 1099FIRE?

It's easy.  We upload a file to ShareFile and email you a link.  You will follow that secure-link and be able to download the file, any time of the day or night.

Please send an e-mail to info@1099fire.com with any feedback or comments about any of our products or services.

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