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About IRS forms 5498, 5498-ESA and 5498-SA

IRS Form 5498 reports IRA contributions.  For those who participate in an individual retirement account, the account’s trustee or issuer must report your contributions to the IRS on an annual basis.  You will receive a 5498 for each Traditional IRA or Roth IRA in which you made contributions. Form 5498 is not required by the IRA account holder to be used for his or her tax returns.

Some of the types of contributions that would be shown include: IRA contributions and year end Fair Market Values made to a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, or SIMPLE IRA account, any type of conversions made to these accounts, contributions that have been recharacterized from one IRA type to another, and more.

IRA account holders who made contributions to an IRA, performed a 60-day rollover of funds from one plan to another, converted to a Roth IRA, or did a recharacterization should receive a 5498 form.

IRS Form 5498-ESA reports Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) Contributions.

IRS Form 5498-SA reports contributions made to an Archer Medical Savings Account(s).

Unlike the 1099’s which are due in the beginning of the year, 5498 Forms are due in the summer.  Copy B of Form 5498 and Form 5498-SA should be mailed by the end of May.  Form 5498-ESA needs to be distributed to the beneficiary by late April.  All of the 5498 forms need to be paper or electronically filed with the IRS by the end May.

You can request an automatic 30-day time extension online through the IRS FIRE System.

5498 software at the site 1099fire.com software creates files in the format required by the IRS for electronic transmission. The system is updated each year to reflect the format changes that are made by the IRS.

Filing Information Returns electronically is very cost-effective, is easier than filing on paper, and is more accurate. Filing status is available within 2 business days for Forms 1098, 1099, 5498 and W2-G and electronic filers receive a later due date for most returns.

When you file electronically, you are exempt from using pre-printed forms.  You can just print the return in regular paper or email a PDF file to all recipients.

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