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How can I add dashes to social security numbers?

You have the data in Excel. You import the data into the 1099FIRE software and the TIN's do not have dashes.

Question: How can I add dashes to the SSNs before importing?

It's easy. Lets say the SSN is 123456789 and its in cell A1. In the column B, type in the formula:

=REPLACE(REPLACE(A1, 4, 0, "-") 7, 0, "-)

That will make 123456789 appear as 123-45-6789. You can then copy that cell and paste special just the values. That will eliminate the function formatting and you will have just the number formatted.

The REPLACE function has as it's input fields:

REPLACE(old_text, start_num, chars, new_text)

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