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Not coded properly for corrections.

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1 'A' record(s) has corresponding 'B' records that are not coded properly for corrections. All of the 'B' record(s) corresponding to the 'A' record must contain the same value in position 6.

For example, position 6 of the 'B' record(s) must be either a 'G' or 'C'. You cannot mix a 'G', 'C', or a blank.


By putting a check in the ‘Corrected’ box at the top of a 1099 form, the software will automatically put a ‘G’ or ‘C’ (depending on which type of correction you are filing) in the 6th position of the payee B record. Below is a simple example:

B2009G 123456789

where B represents a payee record, 2009 is the year, G is a one-step correction followed by the SSN which in this case is 123-45-6789.

The above error is telling you not to mix original payer B records with corrected payer B records. If you are filing a return for a payer A, then all of the payer B records must be corrections or originals, but not a combination of corrections and originals. If you are filing corrections, separate those into a unique file and upload.
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