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8975 Country-by-Country Report Software

8975 Schedule A Tax Jurisdiction and Constituent Entity Information

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Form 8975 is used to report a US multinational enterprise (or MNE) groups's income, taxes paid, and other indicators of economic activity on a country-by-country basis. The IRS will exchange Form 8975 information with tax authorities with which the US has entered into a bilateral Competent Authority Arrangement.

Form 8975 Software and Outsourcing

Our 8966 software lets you key in information as you would type on the form itself, print on plain paper with black ink or convert to PDF. Create the XML file for electronic filing according to IRS. The 8975 software includes a free tool to validate the XML against IRS schema before efiling. If the validator finds an error, you can make changes to your file/data before transmitting.

Our 8975 software will prepare new, corrected, void and amended data files for current tax year.

Form 8975 Due Date and Time Extension

IRS Form 8975 is due by July 31, 2017.

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IRS Form 8975 is the country-by-country report. 5
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