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Sample Print of IRS Forms 1095-B and 1095-C...

If your printer can print on both sides of a sheet of a paper (duplex printing), then you can print the 1095 form with its respective mailing addresses and instructions on the back of each form. You then tri-fold and stuff in any #10 size, 2 window envelope and mail.

A screen shot of Form 1095-B is to the left. To the right is a screen shot of the instructions with mailing addresses:

                  ACA Software 1095-B Page 2          ACA Software 1095-B Page 1

A PDF of Form 1095-B is here. Try downloading and printing. The offsets for the mailing addresses can be adjusted to get them to line up perfectly for almost any envelope.

Below is a screen shot of Form 1095-C and to the right are the instructions with mailing addresses:

                  ACA Software 1095          ACA Software 1095

A PDF of Form 1095-C is here. Download and try printing. The mailing address offsets can be adjusted but should line up perfectly for any #10 size, 2-window envelope.

SSN Masking

You have the option to mask social security numbers (SSN). SSN masking involves replacing the first 5 digits of the SSN with an X or * so that the SSN looks like XXX-XX-1234. SSN masking is encouraged by the IRS and every 1095 form we print and mail has SSN masking applied.


We have machines that can duplex print, tri-fold, stuff and seal 1095 forms into #10 size, 2-window envelopes. It completely automated! We can any size order with complete security.

You have 2 options:

1. Send us a PDF with the SSN's masked. If the PDF is approved by you, we can typically start printing within 0-2 days. We can print, fold and mail.

2. Send us an excel file with your data using sharefile. We can import and convert to PDF and send back for you to review. If the file looks good and is approved by you, we can start printing.