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1094/1095 XML Error Finder

We can save you time and reduce stress by reviewing your 1094/1095 XML files before you electronically transmit to the IRS. Our in-house XML software will pinpoint a variety of errors and we will send you an error report showing exactly where content and structure errors are in your XML files.

Review 1094/1095 XML files for content and structure errors and return error $99.95

There are two common errors: TPE1106 and TPE1204.

TPE1106 Error (Request message violates WSDL schema specification)

TPE1106 is a content error. WSDL means Web Service Definition Language. In short, WSDL is a set of guidelines that the IRS established to specify what can and can not be transmitted in an XML file. The ACA guidelines are detailed, extensive and updated regularly (for Tax Year 2015, we are currently working with the 7th revision of the XML Schema).

Common TPE1106 errors that arise:

1. Having a non-ascii character like á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ. If your data has any of these characters or any non-ascii character like & or # or ( or ) and a TPE1106 error will arise.

2. Having 2 spaces. As an example, the address

7 North Pinckney Street is valid, but
7 North  Pinckney Street

with 2 spaces between North and Pinckney is invalid and will result in a TPE1106 error.

3. Ending a field with space. Having a blank space after a name or address or any code. If you have 'Street ' with a space after the text and that is the end of the field, then a TPE1106 error will arise and the file will be rejected.

4. Length of name/address. There is a limit to how many characters a name and/or address can be. If an address is too long, the IRS will reject the file.

5. Invalid state codes. The code WI for Wisconsin is valid, but Wi or Wis or WS are invalid state codes.

TPE1106 errors are frustrating and tricky to find. The IRS just tells you the file is rejected and that this error occurs. The IRS doesnt tell you where the error is so you have to review your data and that takes time. Our 1094/1095 software validator will pinpoint TPE1106 errors, generate a report which we can email to you and save you time resolving these errors before you efile.

TPE1204 Error (Schema Validation Error)

Schema validation error is a XML structure error. This typically arises when you have 'all 12 months' and then monthly boxes. If something is 'all 12 months', then you are saying that value and/or code applies for every month. You can't have 'all 12 months' and monthly and you have to stay consistent. Our software will identify schema validation errors and pinpoint the record(s) that are in error.

We can also efile 1094/1095 forms on your behalf. Just call sales at (480) 460-9311 and they can let you know the cost.

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