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Types of Payments

Below is an alphabetical list of some payments and the forms to file and report them. However, it is not a complete list of all payments, and the absence of a payment from the list does not indicate that the payment is not reportable. For information on a specific type of payment, see the separate instructions for the form(s) listed.

Type of Payment

Report on Form

Abandonment 1099-A
Accelerated death benefits 1099-LTC
Acquisition 1099-A
Advance earned income credit W-2
Agriculture payments 1099-G
Allocated tips W-2
Annuities 1099-R
Attorneys, fees and gross proceeds 1099-MISC
Auto reimbursements: Employee W-2
Auto reimbursements: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Awards: Employee W-2
Awards: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Barter exchange income 1099-B
Bonuses: Employee W-2
Bonuses: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Broker transactions 1099-B
Cancellation of debt 1099-C
Capital gain distributions 1099-DIV
Car expense: Employee W-2
Car expense: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Charitable gift annuities 1099-R
Commissions: Employee W-2
Commissions: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Commodities transactions 1099-B
Compensation: Employee W-2
Compensation: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Crop insurance proceeds 1099-MISC
Damages 1099-MISC
Death benefits 1099-R
Death benefits:Accelerated 1099-LTC
Debt cancellation 1099-C
Dependent care payments W-2
Direct rollovers 1099-R, 5498
Direct sales of consumer products for resale 1099-MISC
Directors fees 1099-MISC
Discharge of indebtedness 1099-C
Dividends 1099-DIV
Education IRA contributions 5498
Education IRA distributions 1099-R
Education loan interest 1098-E
Employee business expense Reimbursement W-2
Employee compensation W-2
Excess deferrals, excess contributions, distributions of 1099-R
Fees: Employee W-2
Fees: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Fishing boat crew members proceeds 1099-MISC
Fish purchases for cash 1099-MISC
Foreclosures 1099-A
Foreign persons U.S source income 1042-S
401(k) contributions W-2
404(k) dividend 1099-DIV
Gambling winnings W-2G
Golden parachute: Employee W-2
Golden parachute: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Grants, taxable 1099-G
Health care services 1099-MISC
Income tax refunds, state and local 1099-G
Indian gaming profits paid to tribal members 1099-MISC
Interest income 1099-INT
Interest, mortgage 1098
IRA contributions 5498
IRA distributions 1099-R
Life insurance contract distributions 1099-R, 1099-LTC
Liquidation, distributions in 1099-DIV
Loans, distribution from pension plan 1099-R
Long-term care benefits 1099-LTC
Medical savings accounts: Contributions 5498-MSA
Medical savings accounts: Distributions 1099-MSA
Medicare+Choice Medical Savings Accounts: Contributions 5498-MSA
Medicare+Choice Medical Savings Accounts: Distributions 1099-MSA
Medical services 1099-MISC
Mileage: Employee W-2
Mileage: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Military retirement 1099-R
Mortgage interest 1098
Moving expense W-2
Nonemployee compensation 1099-MISC
Nonqualified plan distribution W-2
Nonqualified plan distribution: Beneficiaries 1099-R
Original issue discount (OID) 1099-OID
Patronage dividends 1099-PATR
Pensions 1099-R
Points 1098
Prizes: Employee W-2
Prizes: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Profit-sharing plan 1099-R
PS 58 costs 1099-R
Punitive damages 1099-MISC
Qualified plan distributions 1099-R
Qualified state tuition program payments 1099-G
Real estate transactions 1099-S
Recharacterized IRA contributions 1099-R, 5498
Refunds, state and local tax 1099-G
Rents 1099-MISC
Retirement 1099-R
Roth conversion IRA contributions 5498
Roth conversion IRA distributions 1099-R
Roth IRA contributions 5498
Roth IRA distributions 1099-R
Royalties 1099-MISC
Timber, pay-as-cut contract 1099-S
Sales: Real estate 1099-S
Sales: Securities 1099-B
Section 1035 exchange 1099-R
SEP contributions W-2, 5498
SEP distributions 1099-R
Severance pay W-2
Sick pay W-2
SIMPLE contributions W-2, 5498
SIMPLE distributions 1099-R
Student loan interest 1098-E
Substitute payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest 1099-MISC
Supplemental unemployment W-2
Tax refunds, state and local 1099-G
Tips W-2
Tuition 1098-T
Unemployment benefits 1099-G
Vacation allowance: Employee W-2
Vacation allowance: Nonemployee 1099-MISC
Wages W-2

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