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OneTouch™ E-Filing

1099FIRE is the only company to offer OneTouch 1099 E-Filing.

Simply put, when you are ready to e-file, you just click a button and the software will automatically log into your account and upload your file to the IRS FIRE system.  You will receive verification within seconds of receipt of the file and you will receive an e-mail within 2-3 days letting you know whether the file was accepted.

More details...

You imported your data.  You printed Copy B for the recipient(s).  Your now ready to efile.  You click on the FIRE box in the software and the 1099 FIRE Wizard will appear.  At the bottom of that FIRE Wizard, you have a button to Create, Review, View Files and Transmit as shown below:

Click on Create and the software generates the fire.txt file in the format layed out in IRS Publication 1220.

Then click Review and the software double checks the file that you just created.  The software does an excellent job of checking everything and the review process may take up to a minute to complete.

You can click on View Files to view the file that you just created and reviewed.

Then click on Transmit and this box will appear:

irs efile

Type in your User ID, Password, PIN, TCC, EIN and contact E-Mail that you used to register with the IRS.  Click on the Save icon so that you don't have to re-type this information in the future.

When you are ready, click Transmit this file electronically to the IRS and the software will log into the IRS FIRE website, browse through the respective pages and upload the last file you created to the IRS.  You will receive verification online within a few seconds that your file has been uploaded.  You will receive an e-mail within 2-3 days that the file that you sent was accepted.

Can I run a test?

Yes. Testing season typically runs from November 1 to February 15.  Filers are not required to submit a test file; however, the submission of a test file is encouraged by the IRS.

Our OneTouch E-Filing software can submit Test files within these testing dates. 

What if I don't have a TCC number?

You can get a TCC number from the IRS.  Its easy to do and takes about 1-10 days to attain the number.  Information on attaining a TCC number is here.

Or we can e-file on your behalf.  We can process ANY number of Payer's and Payee's for ANY form type with COMPLETE SECURITY. Have 1099Fire Service Bureau handle all of your printing/mailing and IRS filing needs - it's secure, affordable and stress free!  More information about our 1099 services is here.  We can beat any price!  Attain quotes from any other vendor and we will provide the same (if not better) service at a lower cost.

Technical Support

If you have any question or problem with e-filing, please e-mail support at or call us at (608) 444-6575.