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Non-Format Errors
Non-Format Errors have nothing to do with the layout of the fire.txt file that your software has created.  These are errors that
  1. SPAM filters are not set to receive e-mail from fire@irs.gov and irs.e-helpmail@irs.gov.

After you upload a file to the FIRE system, in about 24-48 hours, you will receive an email from IRS/ECC-MTB letting you know if the file is GOOD or BAD.

If you want to receive e-mails concerning your files, processing results, reminders and notices, set your SPAM filter to receive e-mail from fire@irs.gov and irs.e-helpmail@irs.gov.

  1. Incorrect e-mail address provided.

When the “Verify Your Filing Information” screen is displayed, make sure your correct e-mail address is listed. If not, please update with the correct e-mail address.

If an incorrect e-mail address is provided, you can still log back into the FIRE system and check your file status at anytime.

  1. Transmitter does not check the FIRE System to determine why the file is bad.

The results of your file transfer are posted to the FIRE System within two business days. If the correct email address was provided on the “Verify Your Filing Information” screen when the file was sent, an email will be sent regarding your FILE STATUS. If the results in the e-mail indicate “Good, not Released” and you agree with the “Count of Payees”, then you are finished with this file. If you have any other results, please follow the instructions in the Check File Status option.

If the file contains errors, you can get an online listing of the errors. Date received and number of payee records are also displayed.

If the file is good, but you do not want the file processed, you must contact IRS/ECC-MTB within 10 calendar days from the transmission of your file.

  1. Incorrect file is not replaced timely.

If your file is bad, correct the file and timely resubmit as a replacement.

  1. Transmitter sends an original file that is good, and then sends a correction file for the entire file even though there are only a few changes.

The correction file, containing the proper coding, should only contain the records needing correction, not the entire file.

  1. Transmitter sends a file and CHECK FILE STATUS indicates that the file is good, but the transmitter wants to send a replacement or correction file to replace the original/correction/replacement file.

Once a file has been transmitted, you cannot send a replacement file unless CHECK FILE STATUS indicates the file is bad (1-2 business days after file was transmitted). If you do not want us to process the file, you must first contact us toll-free 1-866-455-7438 to see if this is a possibility.

  1. Transmitter compresses several files into one.

Only compress one file at a time. For example, if you have 10 uncompressed files to send, compress each file separately and send 10 separate compressed files.

  1. File is formatted as EBCDIC.

All files submitted electronically must be in standard ASCII code. EBCDIC stands for Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.

  1. Transmitter has one TCC number, but is filing for multiple companies, which TIN should be used when sending the file?

When sending the file electronically, you will need to enter the TIN of the company assigned to the TCC. When you upload the file, it will contain the TINs of the other companies for which you are filing. This is the information that will be passed forward.

  1. Transmitter sent the wrong file, what should be done?

Call the IRS/ECC-MTB as soon as possible toll-free at 1-866-455-7438. They may be able to stop the file before it has been processed. Do not send a replacement for a file that is marked as a good file.

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If you come across an error not listed above, please do not hesitate to email support@1099fire.com with the full description of the error and we will review the error and add it to the above list.


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