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Tips for preparing Copy B Statements to Recipients

June 15th, 2013 2 comments

Copy A is sent to the IRS.  Copy A is a red-ink form.  You can file by paper or submit the information electronically to the IRS.

Copy B is sent to the payee.  Here we provide tips on preparing Copy B statements to recipients or payees.

1. There is no time extension for distributing Copy B.  The due dates are the dates in which the Copy B must be distributed.  You can go online and request a 30-day extension for filing Copy A to the IRS, but Copy B must be sent to the payee on time.

2. If you mail Copy B, then postmark the letter on or before the due date.  You can also email, fax or just print out Copy B and hand it to the payee. Just make sure the payee gets the form.

3. Its next to impossible to print on top of the tissue-like Copy B and C forms that the IRS provides attached to Copy A red-ink form.  Almost impossible.  Your laser printer will shred that form.  You can use substitute Copy B forms that comply with the format and content requirements.  If you use a substitute, then furnish the payee with applicable instructions of the official IRS form. Substitute Copy B forms can be printed on plain paper with black ink and contain all of the data of the original forms.

4. Social Security Number (SSN) masking is encouraged and a great idea. Filers can replace the first 5 digits of the SSN with an X or *.  An example would look like ***-**-1234 or XXX-XX-1234.  Masking protects the individual payee.  If Copy B gets lost, the SSN is not compromised. The filer can not mask an EIN for a business.

5. The IRS says “no additional enclosures, such as advertising, promotional material, or a quarterly or annual report, are permitted. Even a sentence or two on the year-end statement describing new services offered by the payer is not permitted”.

6. Logos are permitted on the envelope.

7. Be accurate.  Its January.  Your busy.  Your boss put the sole responsibility of preparing, printing, folding and mailing these Copy B forms in your hands.  Take the time to double check your data before distributing Copy B.  Verify that the data is printing in the correct boxes and the values are correct.

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