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1099 Software: Can you print and mail on our behalf?

August 2nd, 2015 No comments


We can print and mail any size order with complete security.  Here are the steps you would want to take to have us print and mail on your behalf:

  1. Contact sales at (480) 460-9311.  Sales can process your order or provide an estimate of the cost. Sales will also provide an account number.  We have very competitive pricing.  Call anytime.
  2. Rename your excel file the account number and upload using this sharefile link:
  3. We will import, convert to PDF and return to you passcode protected using the last 4 digits of the 1st employer EIN in the excel file.  You review and email back letting us know whether to print and mail or if you have changes.  Once the PDF is approved, we begin printing.



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