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How do I attain a transmitter control code?

You want to file form 1097, 1098, 1099, 5498 and/or W-2G electronically to the IRS.  Smart thinking.  E-filing is easy to setup, the system double checks your file and lets you know that the file is being processed by the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS encourages businesses to file information returns electronically.

Your first step is to attain a Transmitter Control Code or TCC number. A TCC number is a five-character number that typically consists of 2 digits, then 1 letter, then 2 more digits. To get a TCC number assigned to your business, download, fill out and submit Form 4419, Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE). There are a few subtle details embedded in Form 4419:

1. Only businesses with a Employer Identification Number (EIN) can apply for a TCC number. Individuals with a SSN number can not apply. In the past, individuals could apply for a TCC number and transmit on behalf of others but that option is no longer allowed.

2. You select on Form 4419 which information returns you want to file electronically. One TCC number will give you authorization to efile any Forms 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498 and W-2G. But the TCC number you attain for efiling the 1099 forms will not let you efile 1042-S or Form 8027 or 8955-SSA. You need a separate TCC to efile IRS Form 1042-S, another separate TCC number to efile Form 8027 and another unique TCC number to efile IRS Form 8955-SSA.

Form 4419 must be signed and dated by an official of the company or organization requesting the TCC number. The quickest way to submit Form 4419 is by fax and a toll-free fax number is shown on the form. You can also mail Form 4419 and the mailing address is also shown on the form. But I recommend faxing rather than mailing. I also recommend not mailing AND faxing. Either mail in Form 4419 or fax it, but don’t mail and fax in the hopes of getting a TCC number quicker. If you do both, it will confuse the IRS and there will be delay in getting the TCC number. Or worse, you have two TCC numbers and the IRS will call and ask you why your not using one of the TCC numbers.

When its tax season and the IRS is busy, it usually takes about 7 days to get a TCC number by fax and at least 30 days to attain a TCC number if you mailed in Form 4419.

Once a TCC number is assigned to your business, you can go to the site http://fire.irs.gov and click on Create a New Account.

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