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Laser Form Copy A W-2/W-3 Approval Notice...

The W-2/W-3 forms are different from the 1099 information returns in that you may use an acceptable substitute Form W-2 that complies with the rules in Pub. 1141, General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Forms W-2 and W-3. The substitute forms must be exact replicas of the official IRS forms with respect to layout and content because they will be read by scanner equipment.

SSA will review vendor Laser-substitute W-2/W-3 and W-2C/W-3C forms and send that vendor an email notice letting them know whether there forms have met the approval requirements of SSA.

Attached below are two approval letters from the SSA; one for the W-2/W-3 and the other for the W-2C/W-3C.

2011 Approvals
Approval W-2, W-3 Forms

Approval W-2C, W-3C Forms

2010 Approvals
Approval W-2, W-3
Approval W-2C, W-3C

All our forms are aligned with the SSA scanners so that when you mail in your forms with data, SSA will be able to scan the forms and read in the data without a problem.

As a customer you can also call SSA to verify that a vendor's substitute forms have been SSA approval requirements.  Our vendor code is 1802.


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