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Electronically Deliver Copy B

Copy B of the 1099 Tax form has to be furnished to each recipient typically by the end of January. Many companies print Copy B on plain paper with black ink and mail. Large companies with many recipients, balk at the idea of printing and mailing Copy B to recipients. Postage, envelopes, addressing, stuffing, and sealing all cost time and money increasing the overall cost of mailing to 78 cents to $1 or more per mailing.

One way to reduce the cost of mailing is to electronically deliver the information returns. Here is how 1099FIRE Service Bureau can help:

  1. You provide the data in Excel to fill out the 1099 forms as well as email addresses for each recipient.
  2. From your original Excel file, we will import your data into our 1099 software and convert Copy B to PDF format for you to review. Each Copy B will be created with Social Security masking and with instructions to the recipient. A sample PDF of what is transmitted to the recipient is here: Sample 1098-T.PDF.
  3. Once you approve the forms and data, we will bulk transmit each individual Copy B to the respective recipient in which you have an email address for.  If you don't have an email address for a client, we can print and mail those recipients.

We have the ability to track who opened and who never opened the sent email with the information return.  If a client never opens the email and attachment, we can re-email or mail Copy B to that recipient.

Copy A can be electronically filed to the IRS.

You can go completely paperless this year.  Save as much as 50% on printing and mailing 1099 Tax Forms.  Call our sales office for more information.

Please send an e-mail to info@1099fire.com with any comments you might have.