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1099 Software: How can I efile replacements?

November 24th, 2016 No comments

A replacement is a new original file.  If you submit a file to the IRS and it comes back as “Bad”, then the file does not exist.  You want to replace the bad file with a new original file.

One frequently asked question is “I put together a new file, there are 0 potential errors, I click Transmit and I see..”


and the Replacement option is grayed out.  The software can’t automatically transmit a replacement because eventually you have to select which file you want to replace.  To efile a replacement:

  1. Create a new fire.txt file and rename it to be something more descriptive.
  2. Log into and click Continue to go to the Main Menu.
  3. At the Main Menu, click on Send Information Returns.
  4. Type in your TCC and EIN for the transmitter.
  5. Verify your transmitter information.
  6. Select file type.  Here you can select Original, Correction or Replacement.  Select Replacement.
  7. At this stage, the IRS site will ask you to select what file you want to replace.  Typically there is only one file.  If you uploaded many originals that came back as “Bad” and you only want to replace one of them, then you need to call the IRS and ask them to delete the other “Bad” originals.
  8. Type in your PIN.
  9. Find and upload the replacement file.

We efile on your behalf.  We do charge for that service.  Just call sales at (480) 460-9311 to get started.

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