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CA592 CA593 Software: I have less than 250 records. Why should I efile these forms?

May 31st, 2017 No comments

The California Franchise Tax Board says on their website and in the instructions:

When the number of payees on Form 592 is 250 or more, Form 592 must be filed with the FTB electronically, using FTB’s Secure Web Internet File Transfer (SWIFT), instead of paper. However, withholding agents must continue to provide payees with Forms 592-B.

You can paper file Form 592 by printing the forms on plain paper with black ink and mailing them to the Franchise Tax Board. However, electronic filing of this form improved significantly in 2015-2016 and there are three (3) benefits to using the SWIFT System to file the 592 and/or 593 forms to the Franchise Tax Board:

  • Opportunity to correct errors and
  • Proof of Receipt

You put together an csv file which can be compiled and viewed in excel.  You import that data into our software.  You can also validate the csv before efiling.  But even better, you can upload the csv file and will receive an acknowledgement report within a few minutes.  An acknowledgement report with errors is shown below:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DATE: 5/30/2017 9:00:38 PM
FILE NAME: wscsruthtech.56246-03 1023s.0530201721003779.csv
SWIFT ID: wscsruthtech

ERROR FOUND: The file you submitted contains errors. Please correct the errors listed below and resubmit the file.

WARNINGS: The file also contained incomplete information. Please review the warnings below and correct any changes we suggested.

This file is not considered complete until we issue an Acknowledgement that the file has been accepted.
Refer to your SWIFT for Nonresident and Real Estate Withholding Publication for assistance or contact FTB at 888-792-4900.



(2,3):302:ERROR:ID Number:The field value [33-0810276] does not meet the field specification format.
(2,5):521:ERROR:First Name:Both Individual and Other name fields were provided.
(3,18):1812:ERROR:Income Type:The required field is empty.
(15,14):1403:ERROR:Zip 5:The field value [6540340] does not meet the field specification. Please check the field length and format.

The report gets very specific and lists errors and warnings for any cell in your excel file.  The field (row, col) identifies the specific row and col in excel that results in an error and/or warning. The most common errors arise in the recipient names and addresses which are typically non-US addresses.  And non-US addresses need to conform to the FTB SWIFT system whether you file by paper or electronically.

You receive the acknowledgement report and have the opportunity to make corrections to the csv and resubmit.  The file is not complete until you receive an acknowledgement report that says “The file you submitted has been ACCEPTED for processing.”

If you have less than 250 forms and mail the forms in and errors exist, the FTB will mail the forms back and you will have to correct those errors and resubmit.

  • Security

The SWIFT system uses the latest technology to ensure the security and privacy of all taxpayer data.

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