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Can you efile 1042-S forms on our behalf?


We can electronically file IRS Form 1042-S along with the 1042-T transmittal summary. We can efile any number of records with complete security.

A withholding agent must file electronically to the IRS if they have 250 or more 1042-S forms to file.  But even if you have less than 250 1042-S forms, electronic filing is far superior to paper filing because you receive a file status stating that the results are Good.

Here are the steps you would want to take to have us electronically file on your behalf:

  1. Contact sales at (480) 460-9311.  Sales can process your order or provide an estimate of the cost. Sales will also provide an account number.  Call anytime.

    We have very competitive pricing.  If you find another vendor that can offer the same outsourcing solutions at a lower price, we will beat them.  We do double check our competitor prices annually.

  2. Enter your data into the sample excel file found here


    Fill everything out as best you can.

  3. Upload the excel file us using this sharefile link


  4. We will import your data and send you a report that shows any potential errors in your file as well as a PDF of Copy B with your data on each respective 1042-S form. The software checks for prohibited characters, that the income code exists, that the tax rate is entered correctly, that gross income is a whole number, that the country codes used are correct and has many other checks.

    Typically we go back and forth with clients a few times checking errors and looking for changes to the excel file.  When the final Copy B is approved by you, we can electronically file to the IRS.  We will forward the file status within a few days.

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Erich J. Ruth

Erich J. Ruth provides technical support for National Software which is the parent company for 1099FIRE. 1099FIRE develops and markets a comprehensive range of products that enables any size of business or institution to effectively manage and comply with year-end filing requirements. 1099FIRE is an employee-owned company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you have any questions or comments about our software, feel free to contact us at any time.

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