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8955-SSA Software: Why efile? I have less than 250 records.

Publication 4810 says:

A filer must generally file the Form 8955-SSA electronically if the filer is required to file 250 returns of any type during the calendar year that include the first day of the plan year. If a filer is required to file a Form 8955-SSA electronically but does not do so, the filer is considered not to have filed the form even if a paper form is submitted.

Form 8955-SSA is a niche form.  When you paper file niche forms such as 8955-SSA, 8027, 1042-S and others, there is a lot of hope and wishes that what you mailed to the IRS is received, that it is correct and complete and will be accepted.  Here are three (3) really good reasons to consider electronic filing your 8955-SSA data instead of paper filing:

  1. Quick results. If significant omissions or errors exist in the paper forms you mailed in, the IRS will eventually reject the paper forms and require you to resubmit.  It might take 6-12 months before the paper forms are rejected! In contrast, when you file Form 8955-SSA electronically, you receive the results in 3-5 days.
  2. Amendments.  If the transmit a file and the results are BAD, you can submit a replacement.  If you the results are GOOD, but you later discover that you transmitted erroneous data, you can submit an amendment for just the record(s) that held erroneous data and you will receive the results in 3-5 days.
  3. Proof of Submission. The IRS posts a receipt that shows when the file was received and the file status (whether its Good or Bad).  The receipt from the IRS is your proof of submission.  The receipt also gives you and the IRS the opportunity to track the file, data and results.

Our 8955-SSA software will prepare your 8955-SSA data for electronic submission.  The software will also review the file before you upload to make sure the structure of the file is good before you efile.  You can then log into the IRS FIRE System and upload the notepad file that the software created.

1099FIRE Service Bureau can also efile your 8955-SSA data on your behalf.  You can upload your excel file with data using a secure link.  We can import and convert to PDF and forward for you to review.  If approved, we can transmit using our transmitter control code and forward the results when they arrive.

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Erich J. Ruth

Erich J. Ruth provides technical support for National Software which is the parent company for 1099FIRE. 1099FIRE develops and markets a comprehensive range of products that enables any size of business or institution to effectively manage and comply with year-end filing requirements. 1099FIRE is an employee-owned company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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