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1099 Software: How to efile a test file?

The IRS FIRE Test System is only available for part of the year.  Testing typically is available from November 1 through mid-March.

You must submit a test file if you are filing for the first time under the Combined Federal/State Filing Program (CFSFP).  You must submit one “Good” test file and then call the IRS at 866-455-7438 x3 and provide your TCC and the successful test file name and they will mark your TCC number as one that can participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program.

If you are not efiling under the Combined Federal/State Filing Program, then you don’t have to submit a test file but it is recommended. We submit 100’s of test files each year, many with errors, and we build in the IRS error responses into our software. If our 1099 software shows 0 potential errors, then the structure of the file is acceptable to the IRS and the results typically come back as “Good”.

To submit a test, go to


Log in.  Click on Send Information Returns and follow the steps on the screen.

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Erich J. Ruth

Erich J. Ruth provides technical support for National Software which is the parent company for 1099FIRE. 1099FIRE develops and markets a comprehensive range of products that enables any size of business or institution to effectively manage and comply with year-end filing requirements. 1099FIRE is an employee-owned company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you have any questions or comments about our software, feel free to contact us at any time.

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